The Dig Tree Ranger Norm with Nappa Merrie Manager Peter “Whip” Degoumois.
Photo: Denver Beanland


Camping is permitted only in the area adjacent to the Dig Tree Reserve. Basic bush camping facilities are provided. You must provide your own firewood.

There is a conservation fee of $20 per vehicle or $60 per bus to visit the Dig Tree Reserve. If you are planning a visit to the Dig Tree, you can pre-pay the conservation fee by clicking here to pay with Bookeasy. The South Australia Desert Parks Pass does not cover the Dig Tree conservation fee.

Please be aware that the environment in the Dig Tree area is extremely fragile. If you are in the area of the waterway, take care as bank erosion is made worse by human traffic.

Take all your rubbish with you when you leave.

What you can do at the Dig Tree

Fishing is permitted in Cooper Creek. The most common fish species is Yellowbelly. The minimum size is 30 centimetres with a bag limit of 10 fish.

Dig Tree Reserve is a good spot for birdwatching.

What you can’t do at the Dig Tree

Shooting is strictly prohibited.

No chainsawing is permitted. You must provide your own firewood.

The Dig Tree web site is presented by The Royal Historical Society of Queensland.

To find out more about visiting the Dig Tree go to Explore Bulloo and Outback Tourism.

The Royal Historical Society of Queensland is trustee for the Dig Tree Reserve supported by Nappa Merrie Station and the Bulloo Shire Council.