Yellowbelly Macquaria ambigua
CC BY-SA 3.0 Codman at English Wikipedia


When visitors try their luck fishing at the Bulloo Bulloo Waterhole, their target species is Yellowbelly Macquaria ambigua also called the Golden Perch. The best bait for Yellowbelly is small yabbies and shrimp, although you can use a lure. The minimum size is 30 centimetres with a bag limit of 10 fish.

Aaron Paterson named a number of fish species which can be caught at ‘the desert paradise’ which Aboriginal people call Kinipapa and the rest of the world calls Cooper Creek.

  • Kapi – Catfish
  • Gampurru – Yellowbelly
  • Tharuwitji – Bony Bream
  • Mussels

To cook the fish, Aaron says, ‘I get the fish I have gutted ready, then place them in the coals to one side to bake them.’

Members of the Burke and Wills expedition ate a lot of fish they caught on their travels. Wills wrote about finding a large one-and-a-half-pound fish choking on a smaller fish. He caught and cooked them noting ‘the large one was in good condition’.

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