The Burke and Wills Society display which is adjacent to the Dig Tree Reserve.
Photo: Dave Phoenix


Near the gateway which leads down to the Dig Tree Reserve, there is a rough bush hut which contains a display prepared by the Burke and Wills Society.

The display contains in-depth information about the Burke and Wills expedition with a particular emphasis on the Dig Tree story.

The display covers the following topics:

  • Burke and Wills Dig Tree Camp, 6 December 1860 – 21 April 1861
  • The Burke and Wills Expedition
  • John and Minnie Ghyn Dick’s Face Tree 1898
  • The Dig Tree – an Australian icon
  • Dig Tree Explorers
  • Burke’s Gulf Party: Burke, Wills, King, Gray
  • Brahé’s Depot Party: Brahé, McDonough, Patten, Dost Mahomet
  • The Mystery of the Dig Tree blazes

Interpretive signage located near the Dig Tree

The Dig Tree web site is presented by The Royal Historical Society of Queensland.

To find out more about visiting the Dig Tree go to Explore Bulloo and Outback Tourism.

The Royal Historical Society of Queensland is trustee for the Dig Tree Reserve supported by Nappa Merrie Station and the Bulloo Shire Council.